Dr. Ulrike Wrobel




Research interests:

  • Sign Language Linguistics

  • non-verbal Communication

  • Functional Pragmatics

  • Conversational Analysis, Dicourse Analysis, Interactional Analyis

  • Semiotics.

I studied German Philology, General Linguistics and Speech Pathology/Psycholinguistics at the University of Cologne. Then I received a scholarship from the Graduate School "Language, Mimic, Gesture in the Context of Technical Information Systems" at the Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, where I did my doctorate in the Class of Language of the Graduate School Language & Literature.


Since then I have worked in various positions (lecturer, research assistant, professor (substitute)) at several universities, including Bielefeld, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Frankfurt an der Oder, Hildesheim, and Hamburg.


I will be happy to send you my curriculum vitae. The list of my publications can be found here.




Deutschlandfunk: 4th conference of the International Society for Gesture Studies (ISGS) "Gestures: Evolution, Brain, and Language"




Märkische Oderzeitung: Series of events titled "Speaking Hands – an introduction to the culture of Deaf people" (sign language poetry)



Forschung Ulrike Wrobel

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