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I teach since more than 10 years and I still like it.


Classroom teaching is an exchange of knowledge. I enjoy thinking outside the box and I like to learn something new.

A detailed list of my courses can be found here:






For students


School in Germany tells little about academic work. References and citations are the most frequent problems to students. You will find two guides here.


Sorry – the following advices are only applicable in German, since they are culturally bonded to the educational system, the cultural norms, the knowledge processing traditions and language.







Writing academic term papers or writing a thesis is exhausting and can also be difficult. Here are some suggestions to correct your text (only German).



Very good introduction to academic working in Germany:

Moll, Melanie/ Thielmann, Winfried, 2016. Wissenschaftliches Deutsch. Wie es geht und worauf es dabei ankommt. [UTB 4650] Konstanz: UKV Verlagsgesellschaft.













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